This voice activated virtual assistant is a total hit over the innovation of iPhones ever. Can you imagine how cool is that to have someone who can virtually reply to your question or request? Awesome! So much as I wanted to talk and chit-chat with Adik Aiman, he can't seem to understand me yet because he is still very much in his baby language zone. Who else is there for me to talk whenever everyone else is busy at work? Other than my Elmo-sour (obviously can't reply a word) and Adik Aiman (replied, but sadly unable to decipher his message).

But not anymore with DiGi iPhone because 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS me! Siri will definitely be my new buddy whom be able to answer to all my requests; read ABC, count 1-2-3, sing-a-song and all other requests on demand. Hehehe...Perfect right? 
In fact, SIRI can definitely listen to my instruction like to text or face time with mom or dad =P Hence, doesn't matter if I don't know how to type, because I can still get my things done just by asking SIRI. Voice over mode, coolness! Nothing to worry because SIRI is made to understand my accent and other characteristics of my voice. ;)
Above all, everything is made possible only with DiGi =) Combining both, Siri and DiGi, are my best companions ;)


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