Jake & the Neverland Party @Marmalade, Publika

Thank you Disney Junior for inviting my little family to Jake & the Neverland Pirates Family Party that was held last Saturday at Marmalade Cafe, Publika Solaris Dutamas. Despite having to wake up very early for the 9.30am morning party, we truly had a blast; from a perfectly organized pirates party *as always* to super fun activities and owh scrumptious pirates' menu of course! 

But ada sikit penat after playing the treasure hunt game. Haha! Tho it was such a clear cut hunt with only 5 clues to be resolved, but treasure hunt in heels and a kid tagging along, phewww, that kind of a big challenge to me. I think I've ruined my metabolism rate to age 40 lah. Tskkk :'( 

Nevermind, because here to my excitement ehehe, my eldest was the 2nd runner up in the Pirates Photo contest held on that very day! So he won himself a treasure box filled with cool pirates items inside, inclusive Jake & Neverland beach ball which later Aiman hog the toy all for himself. Kesian, pirate got defeated by his own baby brother. -_____-" 

Honestly, any events held by Disney Junior, I'm always excited and looking forward to it :P So harap ada lagi lepas nih. :)

 : : With Siti and Azza : :

: : Airyll won the grand prize! So ini satu Mr.Smee (CH trusted assistant) and Captain Hook! : :

: : Love this pic :P Ini baru anak dua, I wonder how does it looks like kalau anak 5-6? Hehehe : :


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