Style4Mama - Your Elegant Nursing Apparels :)

Calling all breastfeeding moms, or anyone who knows one, kindly sebar-sebarkan this :)

Introducing new online shop yang boleh custom-made your nursing apparels according to your size requirement.

In fact, their first product of nursing shirt pun sangat cantik. Guna English cotton in paisley design. Detailing baju pun cantik. So not the typical boring colored nursing shirt *which you know how* kan? Hehehe...

Not only that, they are making several opening types for their ready-to-wear baju and you boleh pilih tshirt pattern mana yang sesuai untuk breastfeed baby. Good kan? Like this Paisley Purple, the opening type is neckline access. Sebab usually ready made nursing shirt ni, opening type dia standard je and you don't have much options and tak semestinya selesa untuk semua orang. Yerlah, baby kan minum macam-macam gaya, kalau kena gaya shaolin soccer macam Aiman, tak jenuh nak selak baju? Hehehe...

As for materials and designs, I believe they will upload more pics soon. Sebab kedai pun baru launch pagi nih, hihihi. I am so excited to write a post about it sebab finally, ada tempat buat nursing shirts yang stylo sikit. You know what I mean. Breastfeeding and big boobs issue T___T, but that doesn't mean you have to hide in over-sized clothing, and that doesn't mean you have to give up on style, hehehe...

Now, go favourite Style4Mama and stay tune for more updates nanti :) Meanwhile, mungkin boleh pi tanya jenis-jenis baju ka, jenis-jenis kain ka, fashion-fashion ka camtu lah.


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