MimiJumi the boob-like milk bottle :P

Just as the product tagline goes, "Simple but Extraordinary". I must say this very-natural-looking milk bottle is very, very cool. Because it looks just like the boob~!

Agak-agak kalau ada baby yang refuse to take bottle or maybe dalam transition between direct feeding to bottle feeding, boleh cuba guna bottle ni lah kot? Maybe can help to reduce the risk of nipple confusion. 

Material is soft and "boob" is designed to be in the best shape close to real one. Except the nipple (I think) is too long, obviously nothing near the size of mom's, kot?? :P And this little beauty is quite pricey; RM87 for one bottle :P 

Note: Can't imagine if Aiman uses this bottle and he chomps on the nipple and crack it off, ouchhh! Macam horror la tengok boob berlubang kot? Hahaha!


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