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Maksudnya bila I cakap "Get Your Pack Now" itu ialah, pada sesiapa yang ingin mencuba or nak restock, please do it before April, sebab April nanti price increase slightly by 2.5%. Well not a big figure there, but while you can save your Ringgits, sila berbuat demikian :)

I've been receiving a ton of emails asking about Herbalife and the most frequently asked question is "Pakej Herbalife ni macam mana?"

Frankly said, I don't have any in particular yang I dah pre set up like "Encik sila beli pakej ini encik, ini bagus bla bla bla" because to me, every customer is unique with specific needs and issues to be addressed. So what I normally do is, I will explain to them in general how Herbalife nutrition products work and let them know the prices both in set and loose item. So masing-masing boleh kira-kira ikut kemampuan poket.

But after a while, I dah boleh segment kan what most people want, iaitu "Weight Loss Program". Yang category lain-lain cases macam nak kempiskan perut, nak lose weight while breastfeeding, pregnant ladies, eczema kids and diabetic person.

So here I am, giving you a view of packages yang available yang boleh kamu semua consider. TQ Nad buat images cantik-cantik nih, bagi I pinjam bagai :) Worry not, kalau nak beli loose item pun boleh saja. No restrictions apply. Hampa nak mai order botol ayaq Herbalife pun cek boleh orderkan hehehe... :P

For any inquiries on Herbalife, boleh email to shilashower@gmail.com or sms or whatsapp at 019-6097695. Tq =)


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