Short term weight loss target strike off!

Muahahaha! Seriously, I am VERY amazed by the result! This is not berat lepas bangun tidur excuse me, this is my weight after eating so many things earlier on today. Satey, char kuey teow, cakes, muffins, macaroon, pasta, pizza, soft drinks and many other sinful desserts. "Eat like there's no tomorrow" hah, macam tu lah I tadi. SERIOUSLY. 

After 2 months being crazy strict on my diet, I just can't say no to all this pretty delicious treats served during the parties. THREE parties in a row! :P So that kind of explain why I have gone terbabas in eating for today. 

Nevertheless, now I'm getting more and more excited to continue my weight loss journey and hope to see the light of number 60 latest by August. Raya! Raya! That is what? 5 months from now. Come on, 8 kilos gone in 10 weeks, takkan 5kg lagi tak boleh kot? :P 

Akhir kata, lihatlah gambar penutup di bawah. The one who helps me to kurus faster ;)


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