Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Day 1 Part 1

I know, macam over. Siap nak buat entry Day 1 Part 1 bagai as if we went to so many places in KK and got our must-do-must-see checklist all checked lah kan? When the fact is, other than our wonderful hotel stays, the only two informative tourist spots that I can share here are Desa Cattle Dairy Farm and Pasar Philippines Craft Market. What a sad Sabah travel diary lah deyyy..

Anyway, this Sabah BKI flight tickets were purchased during Matta fair sometime in March *eyh ke February?* and as always, we decided to travel with Malaysia Airlines. RM1100 for 2 adults and 2 toddlers. Fair enough with all the baggage allowance and tax and meals included. Most importantly, I didn't want to go through the hassle walking from terminal building to aircraft with handbag, diaper bag, stroller and two kids on hand. After all, Airasia was not offering any cheap steal tickets pun that time. 

It was an early morning flight, 7.30am to be exact. So yeah, we had to leave the house by 4.30am and yes jugak, the boys hadn't bathed that morning. Kehkehkeh. Why so early? Because I wanted to make sure that we could make everything in time; as in to touch down in KK before 12pm and drive up to Kundasang latest by 2pm. Tips no.1 - Plan to drive to Kundasang in the afternoon, less foggy at least. Because sometimes the weather can makes the driving a little bit difficult, vission pun tak berapa jauh kan. As for us, alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly.

Smooth tu maksudnya we didn't get lost in the middle of borneo rain-forest or ended up being in Kalimantan or even worse, get caught by head hunter ker apa kan. Hehehe...Tips no.2 - Make sure you fill the tank full and Tips no.3 - Do print the directions from Google Maps. Easy. Don't waste your money paying your phone bill semata nak browse navigator on your phone, after all the signal there is not that good and directions are pretty straight forward.

Owh, as for car rental, I booked it from a friend of friend; Toyota Vios for RM150 per day. Good car, cheap rate and the best thing was, that guy didn't count the rental on 24 hour basis. Pinjam at 12pm (KKIA) and we returned it back next day at 5pm (Hyatt Regency KK).

The road leading to Kundasang is not a nice one and due to the geographical factor, I felt like the distance has been doubled. A zig zag hill road, you just couldn't drive any faster. Lagi lembab bila ada lorry, herghhh it was just so difficult to overtake this huge vehicle. Nevertheless, I was mesmerized by the beautiful scenery of mountains and valley villages. Subhanallah.  

To sum up my mommy experience going through the whole long journey, from leaving the house until we finally stepped foot on Kundasang ground, is equal to being a Jeneral in a military camp. Seriously. No kidding. So much of trying to get everything organize and smooth and stress free but heh, how is that possible when you have one handful Aiman Haris towing along? If not asking for foods, he will either screaming out of boredom, or pinching Adam for fun, or singing his ABCs song out loud, in the airplane. -______-"

Tips no.4 - If you are travelling with kids, make sure you have enough food supplies that suppose to last for KK-Kundasang trip, both ways. Or give them milk and let them sleep. Easier. 

Journal to be continued. I wanna go and check my salary increment now. Hihihii ^____^


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Hi there, may i know which place do u rent the car from? Rm150 Toyota vios is cheap.
I'm going this April

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