Sabah is Awesome!

Yuhuuuu!! I'm just came back from my 5 days holiday in Sabah! My apology for my silent-ness here and it seems that I am more alive on the other three social circles; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; kicking my Sabah updates every now and then over there. Hehehe...True enough, picture speak a thousand words.

Anyway, it was truly an amazing experience to be in the Land Below the Wind. Even though we didn't get to do all the Sabah's-must-things, I still personally think that Sabah is a nice place to visit. 

Adam was cooperative little traveller but Aiman on the other hand was cranky most of the time. Probably because he was hungry and the foods there weren't doing it for him. Not to mention that he refused to be strapped into the stroller and that turns our outing into a complete battle. With that, we decided to scrap off most of the important matters out from the list. 

So, no seafood dinner, no Waterfront, no islands hopping, no Kinabalu Park, no Rumah Terbalik and for Pasar Philippines, yes we managed to give a visit but that was a quick one sahaja. We didn't buy any t-shirts, no Sabahan traditional kuehs to tapau back home, no trinkets and kraft items were purchased, no frozen seafoods were packed whatsoever pun. 

Nevertheless, we enjoyed our hotel stays to the max! And yes, Shangri-la Tanjung Aru scored the most brownie points due to their 5 stars hospitality and superb kids service ;) I love everything there in that place and owh, I am already missing STAR now :'( Sobssss....If accounts permit, I definitely would love to stay at this hotel again. 

Proper updates coming up soon but first thing first, I need to sort my one THOUSAND plus photos into the respective folders dulu okels? Gosh! Now I'm having difficulties to select which photos to go to which entry. Photos sorting and editing has never been easy! >____<


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