Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, Mesilau

Ini adalah destinasi pelancongan pertama yang sempat kami pergi selama berada di Sabah. Ok, in total ada 3 tempat saja pun T____T Sedih. 5D4N, we only covered 3 places. How sad is that? 

Dah la tu, pergi Dairy Farm salah time pulak haha! Pukul 9 pagi, lembu pun belum bangun tidur lagi :P It was all dark and foggy and cold! With that, this is the only view of lembus that we managed to catch during that day. T___T 

And I wonder why these two fellas being left outside while the rest are still in barn? Naughty kena kurung kat luar ker apa? :P

Anyway, the whole wrong timing and cloudy (that you can barely see a cow) issues didn't spoil anything. At least we got to enjoy the pure fresh mountain air *sedapkan hati* and to witness the beautiful lush green fields spreading widely across the valley *the next best option of being in New Zealand, hehe*

Talking about wrong timing, nothing much that we can do over there. Milk processing plant pun belum on and cows probably still lazing in 'bed' agaknya. Even the boys keep on asking "lembu mana? lembu mana?" -____-

Luckily we got to purchase the final product on site (fresh milk!) tho everything tastes the same to me, just like ones sold in supermarket. Oklah, at least not some strange weird taste because I understand fresh milk would taste differently before being processed kan.

So yeah, please take note people, the best time to visit this place is around 2.30pm because milking session is starting at 3.00pm daily. Not some odd hours early in the morning. Get it? 

This dairy farm is located at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu but worry not, you don't need a GPS in order to get here because sufficient signs available starting from Kundasang small town. Small fee applies, if I'm not mistaken, RM3 per adult. 

However, the road up is not in a good condition; very rocky in most spots, so drive slowly for your own safety, ok?


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  1. basically if g KK kita akan stay hotel kt KK...n if ke kundasang ni day trip KK - Kundasang - KK or akan stay semalam?

    how long it will take to drive from KK to Kundasang?