Kota Kinabalu - Day 1 Part 2

Hewhewhew...I know it takes ages for me to continue writing but well, it's the effort that counts. Until my next entry on Day 2 Part 1, terimalah entry ini seadanya. Warning! Tons of pictures ahead! Macam biasalah kan ;)


After a very long and tiring journey, we finally reached our first destination, Kinabalu Pine Resort :) And yes we made it without GPS! So that's one of the travelling proud moments for us. We checked in at 2.30pm local time and it was just us at the reception area. Maybe  it was off peak hence not many people staying at the hotel during that week. By the way, I made the booking through their website; deluxe room RM240 per nite with dinner and breakfast. (Required to pay RM100 refundable deposit)

After all, I just couldn't find any other interesting hotels or resorts while searching online, so when several friends suggest KPR, I was like "Ok let's settle for this". This is Kundasang after all, where you definitely can find hundred other motels and lodges there but very few family oriented hotels or resorts. With that, KPR is the best that fits my criteria and well well well, partly because I was completely sold by the "RABBIT HOUSE" in KPR as reviewed by others. Rabbits and kids, they sure gonna love it. :P

Room was clean and tidy and spacious enough for kids to play around. Large patio facing Mount Kinabalu is another bonus point here. But heh, with two kids around, not a single second that we had a chance to just sit and enjoy the majestic mountain view. -_____-" Owh, it's a wooden flooring chalet, so please expect the noise.  All I can say, it's a basic chalet but with good room amenities. Water heater, electric kettle, coffee making facilities, TV, hair dryer and standing fan. No air-condition unit and I think we don't even need it pun as it was cold enough during the day and even more at night. So yeah, don't forget to bring your warm clothing okels? And insect repellent too because the window panels are not air tight. 

Ok now here the good part of choosing this hotel, at least to keep my boys entertained during our stay; they have rabbit enclosure, fish ponds, playground and well landscaped garden. With pine trees all around and the climate, it gives you the feeling of being in another country. Plenty parking bays, or maybe we made a visit during off peak so finding a parking spot is not a big problem at all ;)

Foods? This is the only setback here. As for dinner, it was totally below average but considering our whereabouts that time, we just have to make do with that four dishes served that night. Breakfast was ok, the normal English breakfast, suffice enough to supply the energy for our next destination - Desa Cattle Dairy Farm. Other tourist spots like Kinabalu National Park, War Memorial Park, Tea Plantation, Poring Hot Spring all is just a drive away. So you don't have to be worry about being bored while visiting Kundasang. 

Tips! For you to catch the beautiful breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu, please wake up early. As early as 5.30am local time. Otherwise you won't be able to see the mountain peaks as it will be hiding behind the clouds :P

Till the next entry, daaaaaa~!! 


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