Pekan Nabalu, Sabah

If there's an award for being the slowest blogger - I win! Looking back at all my "Jalan-Jalan" entries, most of them are never finished and merely abandoned half way. Except my Aussie honeymoon story. But at this particular point of time, please bear with me because it's just so difficult to find the courage to write because my laptop has gone keypad-less, entirely! Not a single button left. I bought that RM10 external keyboard, but choyyyy that doesn't help at all. It's either the cap ayam brand that makes the keyboard totally useless or Aiman must have done something to the setting in control panel. Because when I press a key, a different letter appears on the screen. Like when I press A, keluar number 2. Apakah??? 

Very depressing you know when to call yourself a blogger yet you don't have a proper working laptop/desktop with you. And a camera. Ya Allah sedihnyaaaa ~>___<~

Anyhow, to show that I'm doing best to keep my blog alive, let's continue reading on ShilaShower's Sabah travel diary. 

Pekan Nabalu.

This is a small town located in between Tamparuli and Ranau. Basically it's a good place for you to buy cheap souvenirs and local products. When I said cheap, it's cheap. I bought my Sabah's fridge magnets, key-chains and several other stuff here. But I didn't ask for discount. Mainly because some of the items are nicely handcrafted and price is cheap enough to me, so kalau nak diskaun apa lah lagi yang tinggal pada penjual :) *talking from a view of handmade-goods-seller, haha*

Veggies, fruits, local produced foods *honey, wines*, spices, T-shirts!, souvenirs, those are the things that can be found in Pekan Nabalu. Initially we didn't plan to have a stop here but looking at the tourist buses, I know that this place worth a visit. 

There's a watch tower by the roadside and I read it on the internet, saying that this is a place for every climber to have a preview of Mt Kinabalu before climbing it. 

So, ok, I'm done with this part and I'm hoping to complete my write up on KK's trip sooner than expected. Expected to mungkin 3-4 bulan lagi. Haha! Sooner tu maybe next month. :P


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