Do you know that NO ADDED SUGARS and REDUCED SUGAR are two different things??

Yes. NO ADDED SUGARS and REDUCED SUGAR are two different things. NO SUCROSE is also entirely different from NO ADDED SUGARS.

I came to notice about these different claims made by growing up milk brands when I was stocking up for Aiman's FM. So many brands with their own claims yet I think most of it is totally misleading. I mean, when looking for no added sugars, then the whole thing must be ZERO added sugars not REDUCED whatsoever. Reduced means, that particular brand still has some percentage of unwanted added sugars in their GUM products.

Even worse, when certain brands claimed "NO SUCROSE" as if sucrose is a big no no while the other type of sugars such as GLUCOSE SYRUP SOLIDS, CORN SYRUP SOLIDS, DEXTRIN, MALTODEXTRIN are all fine to be consumed by kids. Unfortunately, no it's not the case – they are all types of added sugars.

And maybe now, they should refer to this findings from a world leading team at the University of Sydney, which once and for all provides the indisputable facts about added sugars in GUM. This is independent scientific research!

Ok, now to a science term for us to learn - GLYCEMIC LOAD.

Ok, I can see so much of question marks now.

Glycemic load is a way to measure changes in sugar levels in the bloodstream of a child after drinking a glass of growing up milk. Hah, sort of to measure how sugar high a child is, haha!

Higher GL means higher added sugars that causes a blood sugar spike and low GL means low or no added sugars in GUM, which of course is healthier right?
International experts have agreed that that children should avoid foods and drinks with high GL because excessive intake of high GL increases the risk of chronic diseases. And guess what? Diabetic in kids is not a rare thing now in Malaysia. It's a common thing! Sad fact eyh?

The outcome?

This research study provides independent proof that only one growing up milk in Malaysia really has no added sugars, because only one growing up milk has a low GL.

So what is this famous brand in the market? The first to come with its own NO ADDED SUGARS GUM which I bet all of you must have known ;) Anmum Essential of course.


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