Ok. I bet everyone here knows what Poise brand is all about. Oklah, just in case if you don't, it's a pantyliner and pad brand. 

"Yeah yeah yeah, so what makes Poise so different and special among many others that being sold in the market?" tanya seseorang. :P

The answer is, no wait. Answer my question dulu. 

"Do you know what is LUL?" 

Tahu? Tak tahu? Hello please, this is an acronym for London Underground Limited ker or Love U Lots ker apa. LUL here is referring to LIGHT URINARY LEAKAGE. Lemah Kawalan Kencing.

If you ever experienced situation of accidental urine leakage while laughing, sneezing, coughing or even exercising, then yes this is what we called LUL. Or sudden urges to urinate and terbabas sikit for not being able to make it on time or frequent urination of more than 8 times a day, these are also LUL.

Well, I know many of us probably experiencing the above but we kinda shy to share it with others kan? Not even our mom or our partner. But actually this is not something uncommon because according to the research done, 1 in 4 women experiences LUL. Pregnant women too especially towards the end of pregnancy kan? And mind you, this is not a disease. So don't worry and the solutions pun simple sahaja :) 

So, what causes it? Now check which of the reasons related to you okies?
  • Weakened pelvic floor muscle due to childbirth or weight gain. 
  • Menopause (drop in estrogen level).
  • Involuntary contractions of bladder.
  • Medical conditions like chronic cough, strokes, spinal cord injuries & etc.
Jadi, any of these hits you? Don't worry, kita ada solutions to share with you.

First and for most, in any cases of weight gain hewhewhewhew, kindly order Herbalife from me you need to maintain a healthy weight to lighten the pelvic floor muscle's burden. Clear cut lah kan? Next, you can learn to do pelvic floor muscle exercise regularly. Google and watch Youtube, make use technology for your own health.

Next, DON'T limit your water intake as it will affect your health. See? In any cases pun, you still need to drink  and look for best solution to overcome LUL problem ini. Not enough water can cause constipation also okeh? Refrain from constipation as your pelvic muscles may be damaged from straining your bowels. 

What else? Hehe ada lagiiii. Reduce intake of citrus, tomato and spicy foods as they could irritate bladder. Or just go and see your family doctor. But I bet before doctor prescribes you medication (if any) mesti she asked you to follow the above steps. Hehehehe...

OR. The simple solution here, what to do lah kan, bladder still want to terkucil and such, gunalah liners and pads that specially designed for urinary leakage protection. Easy. POISE has all that. 

For someone who is experiencing LUL, finding a good liner or pad is very important because it provides the comfort and gives confidence to enjoy life. So here POISE comes to rescue! Poise products are designed to absorb urine effectively, 2X more absorbent than most comparable liners and pads and paling penting! it helps to prevent odour. 

I've seen the products demo and I was amazed. 300ml water and pad is dry and no leakage whatsoever. Genius invention for us ladies!

Anyway, you can get your FREE sample by calling 1800-82-1188 or check out their website at www.poise.com.my :) We like free stuff kan?


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