My life on Instagram

I love Instagram. 

I share my daily shots of things happening around me on Instagram. Tho I'm a bit late at joining the Insta band,  but like most Instagram huge fans, I'm hooked to it! ^____^ 

If you ask me which social network that I spend my time most, it will definitely be Instagram and if in hierarchy, then it goes like this: 
[1] Instagram 
[2] Still Instagram! 
[3] Twitter 
[4] Blog 
[5] Facebook. Hehehehe....

Personally, I find it best to share life's happenings through photos. Picture speaks a thousand words. Or sometimes, a simple caption will do fine. Perfect!

And yes, I love getting a peek into other people's world. Things they do. Places they go. Foods they eat. :)

So if you haven't heard of it, please go and download it and start playing around with it. 

My id is Shilashower. But mind you, that occasionally you may see some random unidentified shots taken from Aiman's view. :P


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