Bantal kekabu comel untuk Haris Bersaudara

Comel tak? Comel tak? ^___^

Beautiful handmade pillows for only RM35 each.


Thank God that none of my kids have bantal busuk or security blanket or any other objects that used to provide psychological comfort to them. So that's why I don't mind buying more pillows and covers untuk Haris Bersaudara. I think we already have 10 toddler size pillows at home, not including the bolsters. Hehehe! Different pillows for different rooms and yeah, now I'm adding another two to the bunch. 

But well, the rest of it semua from Bumble Bee but these two are exceptionally special because it has my boys name on it. Embroidered pillowcases! 

And now that everyone is asking me "order dekat mana", baiklah I akan share di sini. Waiting time dalam 2-3 weeks which is fine lah, I tak kisah pun. What most important, the price is RM35 for this toddler size pillow with personalized pillowcase bagai, so oklah, takdak nak cakap banyak. Hehehe....

FB: Chomell Design

They have a website too but you can find more of their final products on FB. Clearer image for viewing. :)


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