Trifle Pudding

Yeah, trifle pudding versi ShilaShower. Hehehe...and of all dessert recipes that I have tried so far, this one is seriously to die for! 

Sepanjang Ramadhan ni, all my cravings and teringins have been dessert-related and yesterday, trifle came into my list. -.- Well, sekali sekala went a little bit overboard on my pemakanan, tak apa lah hehe...

So as usual, I googled for the recipes, but I ended up being completely lost, not knowing which one to choose. And because it was hard to pick for the best recipe that meets my taste buds, I decided to alter & combine those recipes according to my liking. 

And I choose to make single-serving-trifles in individual dessert glasses, so they are less messy to serve.

Here's the recipe that I use to make my version of single-serving-trifles. ^___^ Trust me, an easy to follow recipe for a stunning dessert, which perfect for Hari Raya too! Style sikit nak serve guests with this hotel-like dessert kan, hehe...

Ingredients (by layer, bottom up)

First layer:
Cake - sponge cake, butter cake, swiss roll, vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, whatever to suit your liking. I guna chocolate swiss roll. 

Second layer:
1 can of evaporated milk - I used Ideal milk, my favorite susu sejat since forever.
1 teaspoon sugar - try not too make it too sweet because the whole combo is already sweet :)
1-2 tablespoon custard powder - dilute custard powder in 200-250ml water.
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla essence
(In saucepan, heat milk over medium heat, just until bubble form, gradually whisk in custard, then egg yolk and vanilla essence. Continue stirring until mixture is thick enough to mound on spoon. Set aside and allow to cool)

Third layer:
Fruits cocktail

Fourth layer:
500ml water
1 tbsp instant jelly powder - I used Konnyaku brand
1 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp strawberry emulco
Red food coloring - few drops only
(Bring water to boil, add jelly powder, continue stirring, add sugar, strawberry emulco and few drops red food coloring. Again, remove from heat and allow to cool) Owh lupa, I strain this jelly into another bowl in order to get a smoother texture.

Fifth layer:
Whipping cream - I used the one in bottle, like ones in Starbucks, CBTL semua tu. Just too lazy to whisk the one in box. 

Ladyfinger biscuits
Well, you can have a layer of snickers if you like! ;)

[1] Cute the cake into small cubes and layer it to the bottom of dessert glass (FIRST LAYER).  Drop spoonful of fruits cocktail juice onto the cake.
[2] Dip ladyfinger biscuit into fruits cocktails and place it to the side of the glass (OPTIONAL).
[3] Add large spoonfuls of the cream custard and later fruits cocktail on top of the custard (SECOND LAYER).
[4] Top with a layer of strawberry jelly and allow it to chill for 15 minutes (THIRD LAYER)
[5] Repeat another layer of custard & fruits cocktail.
[6] Top final layer with whipping cream and strawberry (or anything ikut suka) 
[7] Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving ;) 

Ok fine, it doesn't look very simple lah pulak kan, but seriously trust me, easy to make. Most importantly, no oven and mixer needed hehe..


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