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I’m a 50% fussy mommy to two boys. Haha! I said 50% because I still have another 50% of myself that can still tolerate an imperfection, unpredictable and nonsense stuff. My fussy button usually works on things related to my kids’ health and well being, education, foods and several other matters.

And I have to admit that I gave slightly extra concern to Adam Haris who has eczema, for which the skin problem comes with its underlying allergy too. Due to that, Adam is more prone to cold, sickness and infection while Aiman Haris on the other hand, is a one tough guy. Tough tough one.

Ok, back to this fussy mommy story, finding the best baby detergent and softener was once a big problem to me. It was so complex that time just to decide on which baby detergent yang nak kena beli. It just a bottle of sabun, serious kelakar bila ingat balik! Not to mention that many of my friends said “sindrom anak pertama”. Well yeah, no experience what that time kannnn. :P

Fast forward, the detergent brand that we used tu ok jer for Adam & Aiman. But it just laundry detergent and no softener yet. And only after one year, I decided to start using baby laundry softener pulak, mainly because I want them to smell nice. Haha. So I bought Comfort Ultra laundry softener. The white bottle punya, with baby face on it. And later they introduced this Comport Ultra Pure pulak. So I changed to this more concentrated bottle pulak.

But seriously, when you have an eczema baby at home, you tend to pay a constant attention to everything that touches his/her skin. I’m glad that the first baby detergent brand that we tried works fine on his skin. Alhamdulillah, over time, his skin condition gets better and not that frustrating anymore. 

So what makes Comfort Ultra Pure is my number one choice since I first time using it? Because it states on the bottle “Gentle on Delicate Skin” and yes, it is dermatologically tested which makes it an ideal choice for baby sensitive skin. Plus sebab ada gambar baby that makes the bottle just look very baby-skin-friendly kot. Hehe…

Of course I buat percubaan dulu. I made a small laundry load using this softener and gave myself 2 days to observe any reaction on my kids’ skin (Adam particularly). So far so good, no skin irritation and rashes pop out following the usage of baby laundry softener ni. It gives this very light scent that just gentle to your nose, something that you like to smell every time you do your laundry works. Angkat kain dari ampaian, kalau tak wangi pun tak best jugakkan? :P And don't worry, no nasty odor when drying clothes indoor. Baju will still smell nice. ;)

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