Oh my Adam!

Why lah you like to ask me all these super difficult questions that seriously testing my own IQ level? Why you no ask me a slightly simple question that I can just answer you in a second? Ini tak, suka sangat tanya soalan Alam dan Manusia. -_____-" I scored an A only for UPSR and that was 17 years ago. Then onwards, I fail big time. Nanessss!

"Mama, kenapa awan tu bergerak?"

So I replied, "sebab bumi ni bulat, bumi ni bergerak keliling matahari"

Howeverrr, he counter I balik, "so sekarang ni, awan yang bergerak ker? bumi yang bergerak ker? ker semua bergerak?"

I am lost for answer. Never think of that. Seriously. 

Or a question like this, 

"Mama, kenapa awan color macam ni?" (it's about sunset and dusk).

"Sebab sekarang senja, matahari nak terbenam"

"Bila dia terbenam, matahari pergi mana Mama?"

Wawawawawawa!! How to explain all this sciency stuff to you, my dear 3 years old son?

Ada lagi! This one I guess dia tengok dekat National Geograpic kot.

"Mama, gunung berapi tu apa? Macam mana ada api tu? Adam tak fahamlah"

So now you readers tell me, the perfect answer to this. Most importantly, how does the api came from and explode and whatnot. 

The bad thing is, if I don't give him a real satisfactory answer with a complete explanation for a 3yo brain to digest, he will repeat that question again and again. Just like that Petronas iklan burung murai. T____T

My only hope is, please don't ask me where do you came from. Because if you ever ask me that particular question, I shall divert that matter to Ayah, for him to provide the details. :P

I think, I kan, overdose Neurogain supplement when I was pregnant with Adam. Haha. 

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