Do you give your child vitamins?

I do. I give my boys, age 3 and 2, multivitamins everyday mainly because Adam is a picky eater and can be very fussy too sometimes. All that he wants is a combo of pasta, egg and cheese! But for someone who has eczema, obviously he can't have those foods everyday, otherwise his skin would flare up like no one's business. So AH's pediatrician recommended that we give multivitamins to Adam and might just as well feed the same to Aiman.    

Pharmaton Kiddi multivitamin syrup with LYSINE is for Adam only. Lysine helps to support children immune system and promotes good appetite. Aiman has no problem with foods, he can even eat kari and sambal belacan like I do. -_____-" He eats piles of veggies and fruits,hence we got nothing to repair on his appetite. :P Appeton multivitamin Hi-Q Taurine and Appeton Vitamin C are for Adam & Aiman and both vitamins are in chewable tablet. 

Not that my boys really need all but at least by giving those, Adam rarely falls sick now and even if he does, he bounces back rather quickly too (plus his tremendous record of no hospitalization for one year already! alhamdulillah!) If not, every now and then ada hospital visits :'( 

But please be careful with type of vitamins that you plan to give to your children. Some of those are not regulated and you may never know what is inside. The best way is to consult your doctor first. But I personally see that if a kid has a well rounded diet, multivitamins may not be necessary for them.

And again, just to remind ourselves, vitamins are not a substitute to good healthy meals ok? We can't just rely on vitamins even if the kid has a really poor diet. Yes multivitamins is a need but we as a parent still need to take a good steps to improve our children eating habits. Must always remember that. :)

Oh, just another side story, we are now in the midst of changing Adam's formula milk from a soy based Isomil to Pediasure which is claimed to be good for a picky eater like him. He's adapting well to it, so far no allergies and bad reactions to that. And it's lactose free. My only hope is to see him gain at least another kilo to make up to number 14 because his weight has remained stagnant at 13kg for quite a while now. Aiman on the other hand just gained another 500g that makes him a 16kg toddler. -_____-" Overdosed ketupat raya ker apa ni. :P


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