Dutch Lady Kids Go FREE Legoland Malaysia

Look what I found when we did the grocery shopping earlier today. 

Well, since the voucher is printed on the UHT milk box, so yes you have to buy one. Free entrance for one kid with one full paying adult. So if you have lima anak, then you may have to buy five boxes lah. Ala apa lah sangat, after all, I guess every kid now drinks Dutch Lady UHT milk pun kan.  

Just like me, so lazy to carry the diaper bag with susu, hot & warm water bottles and whatnot during family outing, so every time they ask for susu, I will give them Dutch Lady UHT milk box (kid's size). All I need to do is to sumbat 2 or 3 kids size DL milk in my handbag and our outing is lighter by one bag. Settle. 

Ok, back to this free thingy, I dah simpan 2 vouchers which expected to be used by end of this year. Or maybe early next year, must check Ayah's schedule first. No worry since the validity stretch out until 31/3/2013! Still got time to kumpul duit for the full paying parents. Haha!

So, if any of you plan to go to Legoland Malaysia anytime soon or maybe later, with kids of course, go get this voucher from Dutch Lady UHT milk box ok? Helo, the entrance fee for kid age 3-11 is RM110 ok?? Macam I, dah save RM110 ok for Adam Haris tix and that portion can at least cover the bit of our hotel stays hehe...

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