Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cake by Masterchef Adam & Aiman. 

Well, baking with kids memang best except the cleaning part. Penat! But I had no choice that time sebab I need to deviate their attention away from scratching the ciken-pop red spots, takut jadi bad scars and bacterial infection on skin. 

Anyway, this is my hentam ikut suka recipe, as I altered the batter a bit from my already-there-in-my-head cupcakes recipe. Basic ingredients lah; self raising flour (3.5 cups), unsalted butter (250g), castor sugar (3 cups), eggs (5-6 pcs) and vanilla essence (1 tbsp). Albeit the messy kitchen caused by these two young chefs (whom at all time nak buat resepi sendiri jugak, ergghh), the end product still turned out great! Moist, fluffy and most importantly, just the right amount of sweetness. 

As for cream cheese frosting, that is the easiest part of all. In a mixing bowl, beat together Philadelphia cream cheese (I guna 1 bar), 100g butter and 1 cup of icing sugar. Done. See? Something that you could make even with your eyes closed :P

Except that these six colorful layers make a towering rainbow cake which gave me a difficult time to figure out on how to cut the cake! Well, I finally chopped the cake into half, serve atas dinner plate and makan ramai-ramai. ^_____^

Thinking of baking this glorious cake again? No, not at the moment. Long baking time, tak kuasa! It's a layer-by-layer baking process yet I only have two of 6" round baking pans and a medium size oven. And the cooling down process of each layer lagi, gahhhhhhhhh. And four little hands "helping" around lagi, ampunnn.

For now, I ever want to eat anything rainbow like this, I may as well pergi Wondermilk and buy the cupcake version, lagi senang hehe...



  1. cantik.. my fren pun ada buat tp bila fikir lamanya nak bake, terus terbantut niat tu. hihi