Ikea Hacker - Kitchen Breakfast Bar/Divider

We played "lego" with these three Ikea items (2 Expedit shelving units and Vika Amon table top) and tadaaa! a breakfast bar is constructed in less than 10 minutes. Well, not counting item's assembling time of course hehe. ;)

And since we have an open kitchen plan, this thing also serves as a divider between kitchen and the dining area. 

Most importantly it doesn't cost a bomb! 

Anyway, we are yet to screw the table top fastener to properly attach the table top to its base but worry not, even without ones, the whole item fit each other perfectly. (It's the combination of Vika Amon heavy weight and Expedit wide base that stabilizes this kitchen bar) Great eyh?



  1. may i know the whole cost..if u dont mind..=)

  2. i suke la idea u.. mmg hacker. hehehe... jimat cost! ce cite sikit mcmana bole ade idea nak jadikan 3 brg ni as a breakfast counter...

  3. Salam perkenalan. Just found your blog :)

    This is so brilliant! And i love the accesories on top of the table too! Hehe..great taste. I tak penah terfikir nak hack macam ni tho..sgt bijak.

    Anyway keep on writing ;)