Suka Sangat Tesco Mutiara Damansara

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Suka sangat! 

I always love Tesco and the one that I visited most is Tesco Mutiara Damansara. Several months back, the store was temporarily close for their major renovation process and that saddens me so much and I just have to make do with other Tesco outlets available. Still Tesco tapi tak sama macam Mutiara Damansara punyaaaa, as I'm just so used to their layout and things they have in there. But hurrayyy! the waiting game finally came to an end as sometime last month, Tesco MD has finally reopened, unveiling its spacious new look store! 

Since then, I have visited that place for almost every week, errmmm no, more like every three days mesti pergi. Hehehe. And the fact I'm in the midst of process pindah-rumah, that adds more to the reasons why I keep on visiting Tesco Mutiara Damansara non stop.

The whole new place is like a Doraemon's pocket, I get everything I need in there ;) Huge products and brands selection, pocket-friendly prices (important!) and not to mention, am so in love with their own brands; Tesco. I even buy my pokok from Tesco because they now have small nursery area there. The best part is they keep on having weekly's promo which I constantly got updated via sms. Cool!

Eyh no, that's not the best part yet. The best part is their opening hours; from 8am to 1am! 1AM yawww! Isn't that perfect for someone who always come home late at night yet still manage to squeeze good one hour doing groceries? Bagus sangat ok? :)

Even my kids love Tesco so much. They always look forward to going Tesco and it's just like a magic words every time I say "Jom pergi Tesco!". They'll be jumping up and down full of excitement. Ahhh, what an easy way to please the kids :P 

Between, there's a playland in Tesco Mutiara Damansara and true enough, this particular area is the one that makes thing easy. I do the shopping and daddy can look after the kids dekat playland. Senang :P Want to makan? Worry not, food court is just right in front of Playland. Aiman definitely not going to turn himself green. :P


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