Holiday Mood

Friday yeay! But hmphhh, I'm currently sitting in front of my desktop in this wonderfully empty and quite office. -________-" Well, for someone who has no annual leave left, so kerjalah hari ini. But it's ok because today is my last working day for the year and Insyaallah will be back in office on January 7th, 2013, hopefully with a new spirit at work! ^___^ 

Obviously I am so not in the mood to work, whats-more with my husband leaving for Penang today, adoyaiiii lagilah mood ke laut. Just in case if you hairan why my husband is heading up north dulu, kita orang memang saja-saja. Haha. I'm taking the boys for a plane ride tomorrow and husband will be waiting for us at Penang Airport saja esok. 

To make it a well bearable journey for me and most of all the rest of passengers haha (one man show maaa esok), I prepared a well-stocked bag with foods and toys and that includes a large pack of M&M. Miahahaha. Untuk rasuah Aiman :P And I seriously hope that he won't sing any The-Wheel-on-the-Bus-ABC-Baba-Black-Sheep-Twinkle-Twinkle songs all the way to Penang. Because he did that during our Sabah trip. 

As for now, sabar, sabar, in less than 24 hour time, our Cuti-Cuti-Malaysia will kick off, with Penang first and Cameron Highlands later. Haha, over kan? :P

6 days in total and resulting to this!

My husband said, "Kita bukan nak pindah Uganda Utara oke??" Well, I know we are not, because if we do, the baggage will definitely be more than just this. Get it? 

Being a mom of two boys, I always have a long list of "what-if" scenarios when travelling with them. And that means, extra preparation is needed to ensure we can all enjoy the trip to its max (at least I'm doing my best to avoid the unnecessary stressful event hehe).

Ok till next entry, happy holidays people! :)


  1. Assalamualaikum sis,bestnya! pergi holiday! yeayyy picture jangan lupa bubuh ya. hihi

  2. Shilaa weh, kemass nyaa susunan baju dalam beg.... "suka"

  3. Happy holiday Shila Shower n heroes!! =)

  4. haha.. sila compare bag mama and bag ayah.. LOL! happy holiday shila!

  5. bag ayah kecik je..mama sampai 2 bag!hoverr hahahaha

  6. Huhuhu ada ank ni memanglah kene prepare byk mende,my self also pening if bring the adik ride plane. Very stressfull rasa mau bersilat sama si adik, it's maybe i late memperkenalkan dia pd aeroplane :-(

    Ape pon, i'm waiting to ur new entry.hihihi

  7. setuju..kena ada extra "what if" tu