Impiana Resort Cherating, Pahang

Well, this is a continuance from this entry. Due to my forever busy life, the entry has then been kept in the que-list and pending to be published for 2 months. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy that I make no effort in continuing to write (same case apply to all other Jalan-Jalan posts, semua abandoned half way. Remember our Sabah vacay? Hyatt Regency KK and Shangri-La Tanjung Aru, those are among the pending posts. Isk isk isk...) 

Anyway, since we have Penang and Cameron Highlands in the list now (2 more weeks hurray!), I have then forced myself to complete my long overdue review on Impiana Cherating Resort. This may not be a perfect complete review but I hope this piece of info will still be valuable and useful, just in case if you are planning for holidays in Cherating. 

We have stayed in Swiss Garden Resort before (read here and here) so this time around, we decided to give Impiana Cherating Resort a try. 


Location: Not that close to Kuantan, about 30-45 minutes drive (plus minus 50km far) and located just before Pahang/Terengganu border near Kemaman. Yes, that far. 

Hotel in General: Huge with its very traditional concept and ambiance, but I guess not well maintained and part of this hotel especially walkway to our room, looks in dire need of repair. Seriously. And the hotel layout entirely, definitely not a family friendly and please, scrap off stroller from the list. No lift in this hotel, just stairs and stairs and more stairs everywhere.

What else?

First, car park is far from the lobby and second no proper pathway for you to walk and third, to my huge shock, we were welcomed with one huge and high stairs leading to lobby area. Well, yes upon arrival, porter helped us in lugging our luggage up its many stairs but not during check-out. We have to DIY and imagine having to carry all our bags from the room to lobby and later down the stairs, with 2 toddlers who refused to walk slowly, haihhhhhh we were sweating buckets! And our room again, is located to the very far end of the wing. Tskkkk...

Room: Not that spacious as compared to ones in Swiss Garden Resort Kuantan but we still have enough room to move around. Furniture was a bit worn out and look rusty. And the major downside and also the most herghhhh of all, the invasion of battalion of small ants in most part of the room! What resort is this?

However, bed sheets and towels were clean and spotless. Bathroom was fairly big and clean, no issue at all. Basic amenities provided. Bonus point, the only by the way, all room is sea facing. So enjoy your time to relax as you can see the beach and sea right from your bed. 

Beach: Hotel is right on the South China Sea, perfect location for a beach holiday just in case if you are planning for one (with average budget on this area). Ok, tho not an apple to apple comparison between this resort to some luxury resort in Langkawi, say Westin, haha, but this is suffice enough for Cherating beach standard. Unspoiled clean white sandy beach but no proper sun-loungers available on beach. Fine, my little family doesn't need that sun-loungers after all, so we don't mind on that. 

Pool: In great size, but again not properly maintained. Some tiles are broken and missing -____-" and water not that crystal clear as what was expected. 

Food: Average, nothing to complain about yet definitely nothing close to a resort standard. Breakfast is complimentary but for lunch or dinner, it's good for you to look for something outside the hotel. Value for money and I bet, must have taste better. 

My advise: Please don't believe and put a very high expectation to what you may see on website, because you may not get it all nice when it comes to real life. Seriously. But for the promo price that we paid and plus the very last minute booking as well, this hotel is just an average. Just OK. 

I've never been to any other Cherating hotels, except Holiday Inn Cherating but that was 10 years ago! And it wasn't nice that time, not at all. Whereas Swiss Garden Resort & Spa is not in Cherating, it's located much closer to Kuantan town (in Beserah). So maybe, if you are not being fussy and feel like staying in the environment of Malaysia traditional concept and coastal resort, Impiana Resort will be one of your choices. But please, grab the best Internet rate, at least it compensates whatever minor flaws (if it happens) during your stay.

To come again? May be yes, may be not. T____T It depends on what Internet promo has to offer us. 



  1. Assalamualaikum kak, comelnya. best! sheila pun suka g cherating ! hehehe

  2. Tq for sharing good info... i ni, dalam hati melonjak2 nk g impiana resort ni sebab tgk dalam tenet very the vasss.

    Thanks a lot the good n right information =)

  3. True Kak Shila..nothing so special pasal hotel crash in sleep okaylah..banyak benda diaorang kena improve..

  4. Shilaaa u so kuruihh. Nampak mcm anak dara ;)

  5. kak shila, tu jam fossil kan kan...?