Perfect weekend with my girlfriends :)

Friends; memang ada banyak and clearly I have made more new friends over the Internet as well (blog, twitter, instagram the most!) but I don't personally have that many good friends (ones that you vowed kawan-sampai-mati kind of friends). Except these two groups; those that I have known since 1990 (standard 1 yo!) and we grew up together and we have always been close to each other. AND another crazy bunch of people that I met during university days, we stayed friends right through and very much inseparable. 

Now, most of us are married and with kids. So reality hits, we don't have much time to lepak like we used to because obviously, when you get married, you have commitment to uphold hence less free time to lepak with each other. Husbands, kids, cooking, cleaning, working and all sort of things that we have to look after, katanya begitulah. That's absolutely normal.

Alhamdulillah, life isn't that bad for us pun. Despite how terribly busy we are, we still manage to catch up, even for just a quick outing and makan-makan session. Jadilah, at least that's better than nothing kan? 

I love my husband very dearly (the best of best friends) but well, KADANG-KADANG I still need my girlfriends to talk to. Silly jokes, gossip, girl stuff, not all that I feel like it best to talk to him and that's when my girlfriends come to rescue! It's like a temporary escape from my crazy busy mom's life jugaklah. Or maybe, my husband goes out every so often with his friends as well, which I seriously don't mind, so I guess that could be part of the reasons for us to have a decent social life. :)

Sorry, I just don't get the idea of "kalau dah kahwin, apa nak kawan-kawan lagi, suami/isteri cukuplah" (I said friend, not something that crossing the line). Unless you have some trust issues, tu taktau lah kot :P 

Nevertheless, I love my husband top most and I wouldn't trade it for anything. :)



  1. Tht bride happened to be your best fren ke. I think i went her weding yesterday kat kj.

  2. Assalamualaikum sis. tak patutlah kalau org cakap lepas kawin takleh nak berkawan lagi. i love my bestie after my hubby. hihi lawa semua!