Feminine Hygiene

Do you know that it is important to maintain a good daily feminine hygiene routine? Because very often this intimate part being neglected or if not, being overlooked, compared to other beauty matters such as facial care, hair care or grooming products. Not many of us realize that 'the world down there' haha needs the same equal attention and care as to what we give to our face and body. That private area sweat just like any other parts of your body, no exception. Because if no special attention being given to the intimate area, especially in this hot and humid weather, it can easily predisposed to infections and irritations. 

Usage of feminine hygiene products is the one that most of us have been doing. Tho many other might have used spray, douching apparatus, deodorant, talcum and sometime gel with the thought to give a clean environment and nice smell to the land far under -_____-" Do you know that it is not healthy as compared to gentle hygiene wash? This products most often are alkaline in nature and that is opposite to the natural acid layer that our intimate area needs to maintain. Of course you still need to check the label even if you use only feminine wash. Make sure no it's  in a natural pH, mild, fragrance free, no alcohol and other harmful chemical ingredients.

As for me, I have been using feminine hygiene wash for many years ago. Of course I had a hard time during my first time buying it. Very difficult wohhh to decide which one is the best and mild for my skin. But finally, I decided to try on Lactacyd feminine hygiene wash and since then, this is the only brand that I trusted for. Why? Dermatologically tested and recommended by most doctors. :P Very often get free samples from hospital and clinics, hehehe. Happy customer stays for years. 

There are so many hygiene wash being sold out there, but I decided to continue using Lactacyd even after so many years, mainly because of its natural and mild ingredients like Lactoserum and Lactic Acid which exist naturally in the female intimate area. No irritation and free from bad odour so far. So why change when I have something to make me feel confident and comfort at all time kan? And I like the milky substance and not in a foamy form, because foam and bubbles means the product is an alkaline based, kan?

So, if you feel like trying one and changing from what you are using right now, this hygiene wash can easily be find at all leading pharmacies, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

5 different bottles available for you to choose. 

My husband must be wondering, why am I having all this bottle in the bathroom? Why can't just settle with one? Muahahaa. Well women usually have hard moment to choose the best of the best, so it just normal that we finally ended having it all. Senang cerita puas hati. Boleh pakai ikut mood. :P Most importantly, everything works fine to my skin, no irritation definitely.

  • Lactacyd White Intimate - natural lightening with marine and plant based extracts.
  • Lactacyd Revitalize - youth reviving with vitamin E and collagen.
  • Lactacyd Nourish - extra moisturising with 10% more milk extract.
  • Lactacyd pH 3.5 - normalises pH with Lactic Acid and natural milk extract.
  • Lactacyd Lasting Freshness - refreshing with lactic acid. 

Owh, I carry this as well in my handbag. Perfect for outing. You know how the discomfort down there can sometimes kacau your mood while enjoying good time great foods with friends or families, kan? So this one, definitely my penyelamat :P

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