Shorten Kid's Jeans the Easiest Way

Tadaaaa! Just roll up neatly to the desired length haha. No cutting, no sewing, quick fix and absolutely EASY :P 

The truth is, I tend to go overboard when shopping for my boys (toys, foods, shirts, shoes) except for jeans haha. I don't know but I'm a bit berkira when buying new pants, jeans particularly, for them. Look, those jeans are from good brands -- Mothercare, GAP and Miki Kids and obviously they are made from high quality material which are supposed to be durable for a long time wear (with adjustable waist of course). So, to buy another pair of jeans just because the boys keep getting taller yet the waist still fit just right, is just plain membazir

Ok fine, mainly because jeans are costly, that's it hehehe :P 

After all, jeans are just one of the best fashion items that can never go out of trend no matter how you style them, hence turning a pair of outgrown jeans into capris, I think it still looks fashionable and cool on them hehe. K-pop inspired perhaps. 

For kids' jeans, this method works just fine but for an adult, I'm not so sure, because in most situation, we will only do this just to keep the pants dry rather than for a fashion look (trying not to get wet; raining, beach, etc).


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  1. Im about to do the same thing to my boy...and i always bought a pants/jeans yg besar then lipat2..but doesnt look nice coz xleh nk fit budak tu..nmpk serabai je nnti seluar besar2..