Rumah Shilashower: IKEA Bedroom and Bathroom

As many of you already know, I've been IKEA-ing our house so much and some even said that the house is like a mini IKEA haha. Ok, takde la sampai mini IKEA pun but yes I admit that most of our major furniture particularly anything that has got to do with storage, is from IKEA. Because IKEA is the only cool place I know that produce brilliant storage products even for a tiny store room. They just know how to manipulate space and like what I said before, store room kecik gloomy pun boleh jadi stylo with IKEA products hehe.

Of course there were few other reasons that we considered prior IKEA-ing our house that time. On top of them being genius in maximizing the usage of space (especially when it's already limited like our hmphhh 1300 sq ft condo? haha), the reasonable price (very cheap for some and quite impossible to walk empty handed from IKEA hahaha kannnn?) and some even lowerrrr price after certain period of time. Well mainly for hot selling items; konsepnya bila ramai orang suka, they will produce more and sell more and with that, they can offer even a lower price than before. Basically supply demand thing, but worry not, never go up! :)

Then sebab ada items yang IKEA offer LONGGGG guarantee period like PAX wardrobe system (10 years!) or their mattress (25 years! basically until the kids all grown up and ready to get married, so beli la tilam baru sendiri haha). But it's ok if you takde those items pun because their normal "100 days love or exchange" policy pun dah cool sangat ok.

Yeah cool in a way that; if let say you buy the mattress, then you used it until day 99 before you noticed that the mattress is just not something that comfort you most, hah sila tukar. Serious boleh tukar ok. But of course item in sell-able condition (bukan dah tumpah susu anak atas tilam semua haha) and with original proof of payment lah kan.

Not only that, the "0% Interest Payment Plan" for Maybank cardholders tu yang penting jugak hehe (and they offered to Citibank and Alliance Bank cardholders too). Something for us to consider when purchasing the above RM1000 furniture lah hehe.

So, activity paling latest I adalah revamping the kids bedroom and of course sikit-sikit touch up dekat master bedroom storage area. Well, since the wife already conquered like what, 80% of the storage area hahaha so kenalah kemas and susun cantik-cantik so that the husband will still be able to find his 20% remaining space. :P 

Contohnya MALM chest of 4 drawers ni, I bagi top drawer untuk my husband while the rest are for me. What to doooo, I got more stuff than himmmm. And the same MALM chest of 3 drawers for my kids clothing as well. MALM chest drawers ni macam famous sangat like most household ada drawer ni kan, sama macam BILLY bookcase tu hehe. Tapi for the boys' room I kena guna SKUBB storage box so they can easily identify which part for their socks, hats, briefs and etc. Kalau tak guna tu, memang huru hara bersepah drawer. T___T

And I just cannot live without this wire basket, Encik ANTONIUS nama dia. I couldn't imagine how the wardrobe look like without ANTONIUS-es hehe. Guna wire basket ni, senang sikit bila nak cari barang or nak kemas-kemas especially for bedsheets. My Insta followers kata I OCD which hahahahhha NOT, no I am not cuma in the best way possible I love seeing things organized. But of course I can tolerate mess jugak, because I have 2 boys kan? Mana lah logic kalau tak bersepah. But like I mentioned, in the best way possible I akan organize things because that after all provide comfort to the home especially for the bedroom.

So don't be surprise if you see a lottttt of IKEA boxes around the house jugak. Konsepnya biarlah luaran storage nampak cantik, whatever inside the box it's ok hahaha kalau bersepah dimaafkan. :P TJENA, DRONA and KASSETT memang banyak dalam rumah ni. Tu semua kotak-kotak storage yang tak dapat dipisahkan dari Shilashower hehehehe. Barang I banyak sangat, so all the boxes come handy for my limited storage space.

Oh, I nak tanya siapa sini suka IKEA bedsheet range? I'm not sure if it just me or what, tapi bedlinen IKEA ni jenis rasa sejuk and quilt dia memang buat rasa malas sangat nak turun dari katil. Dulu I guna bedlinen only until last year I beli the quilt sekali sebab lepas guna dekat bilik my adik, I was like wehhhh cool sedap giler ni quilt dia. Tengok curtain pun IKEA, hahahaha macam mana orang tak remarks mini IKEA kan. :P

Hah lupa nak cerita lagi, hari tu I claim my points from IKEA FAMILY card tu. Hah, 3-4 tahun punya hasil membeli, dapat vouchers boleh la redeem dua RONNSKAR shelving units ni for kid's bathroom. Heh, bila nak redeem kena redeem barang besar, kalau kecik-kecik macam tak puas kumpul hehehehe. Bathroom kan the most private yet very public too, kena kemas and bersih kan sebab it portrays the household entirely.

(BYGEL wire basket ni actually kitchen punya item, tapi macam sesuai je letak toiletries dekat bathroom ni hehe)

(KNODD bin with lid. Instead using it as a dustbin, guna untuk store cleaning iteams)

So, ada rasa nak pergi IKEA sekarang? :P Quite a lengthy post hahaha, sekarang Shilashower nak pergi sambung kemas baju Adam and Aiman. No folding required (read: lazy) kita guna hanger saje. Hehehe.

Nah, I share sikit what I have done to the kids room recently. ;)

For more tips and idea on bedroom and bathroom furniture and storage, visit or watch the video below to see how IKEA can help 'Improve your Private Life'. :)



  1. assalamualaikum kak..fulamakk kagum tengok. sheila pun suka barang2 ikea. cantik sangat... my dream also want to have my mini ikea at kampung hahahhahaa

  2. bestnya bestnya bestnya hehehee

  3. Tq for sharing. Terus buka web ikea.. haha... lawa sangat.. sangat2... kemas ja!

  4. really like your ideas on decorating... :)

  5. I do love to follow your every cool.

  6. cantik sgt rumah k.shila!! just nk tnya ape tips k.shila utk maintainkan kekemasan rumah akak?
    kalo rumah sy sehari je cantik esoknya tunggang langgang dgn main anak..hehe

  7. Wow cantiknya....bila tengok rumah shila terus rasa rajin nak mengemas. Balik dari ofis berkobar-kobar nak kemas rumah. Sampai rumah jer..terus mood down. sebab tak tau nak start dari mana. Sign.