IKEA Cheras

Korang dah pergi IKEA Cheras? Yang 20% bigger than IKEA Damansara tuuu? Dengar 20% macam sikit je extra besar dia, but no, IKEA Cheras is really huge as compared to IKEA Damansara. Harap dapat lah menampung crowd yang sedia pack tak kira waktu dekat Damansara tu. (Yeay!).

TIPS 1: Sila bawak botol air jika hendak tawaf IKEA Cheras. Sangat besar, confirm penat along the way hehe. Sprawling 42000 sq mtr area ok? 

TIPS 2: Wear comfy shoes too, please. Flip flop senang, aman bahagia hehe.

Saya agak bertuah dijemput IKEA beberapa minggu yang lepas, untuk tour the wonderful IKEA Cheras way before everyone else. The place is huge; more showrooms for inspiration (living, dining and bedroom), spacious cafe area (extra of 300++ seats compared to what they have now in IKEA Damansara) and bigger market place (ni tempat jual segala benda kecik-kecik that makes almost impossible for us to walk out empty handed). 

They even have a home setup of how IKEA benefits and be part of our tiny little home. I mean, in average rumah dalam Malaysi (KL particularly) kalau condo and apartment tu, besar mana lah sangat kan. So IKEA buat mirror of the homes and how they maximize the entire space with goods and stuff from the store. They are good at that, everyone knows it.

TIPS 3: Consult them.

Don't worry if you need help as they have a dedicated team to assist you with your plan. For home, for business, look out for installation service section. Tell them your dream plan and they will assist you with layout, measurement and stuff. In fact, if you need to purchase items in bulk, say chairs for your cafe, pun boleh mintak tolong team IKEA untuk arrange. Of course impossible kalau you nak purchase 50 chairs, nak kena angkut sorang-sorangkan? Hehe. Nak setup office ke, cafe ke, or even your kitchen cabinet, tapi clueless on where and how to start, takpe boleh tanya dia orang. :)

TIPS 4: Just in case nak beli tilam from IKEA, make sure you test dulu. Test tu maknanya dipersilakan baring bergolek semua. Tak payah setakat tekan dengan jari. They allow you to baring on it. Still can't decide? Beli and bawak balik rumah with 100 days return policy if so happen the mattress tak suit you. Hah how cool is that? 

They even have delivery and assembly service too, with certain of amount of charge to it. But based on my personal experience, everytime I beli furniture IKEA, I memang akan ambil sekali servis pemasangan. Peace of mind. They deliver and they assemble everything, settle. I tunggu nak decor the house je hehe. They even do wall drilling, if needed (with charges).

One thing I like about this new IKEA is this. Dia banyak sikit pintu short cut hahaha. Unlike IKEA Damansara, somehow you have to walk until certain area baru jumpa pintu short cut. And guide board adalah sangat berguna. Boleh tau toilet dekat mana, changing room, surau, ATM and everything else within the IKEA ni, so takde la tertanya-tanya kita kat mana niiii.

Parking space adalah besar. So ni tak payah risau. Well, for this few weeks mungkin risau la kan hahahaha sebab semua orang serbu IKEA Cheras so mungkin ada sikit kesukaran nak cari parking lah, but I guess the traffic will ease soon. Awal-awal semua orang get hype to enter the premise, kena pulak hujung bulan, it's time to splurgeeee.

Cuma that day masa pergi, cafe dia belum buka. So belum dapat rasa makanan dekat cafe tu so that calls for a repeat. Soon soon. Weekdays harap tak congest lah nak masuk IKEA. 

TIPS 5: Don't forget to be part of IKEA Family! Collect points for every purchase you made in IKEA, nanti boleh tukar vouchers. :)

So you all dah pergi? Macam mana? Best?



  1. wow!
    Saya IKEA damansara pernah pergi sekali je.
    Looking forward nak pi yang Cheras. Kena pakai sportshoes la rasanya. :)

  2. Bernanah mata tengok gambar2 ni semua.