Blur But Not...

: : Happy Birthday Kak Ju : :

Happy Birthday Kak Ju...What's your age again please?? Heh,"17" and that was what she said to me...Percaye giler ni...May you have a never ending happy life with your hubby + Sarah + Sofea & have a prosperous "17" age...Hehehehe

: : Busy To The Max!! : :

Midterm marks for Advanced Management Accounting and Advanced Taxation have been out...Huaaarrrgggghhhhh!! And mine is quite......??Still boleh bertenang punya marks la...However I have to work really hard for this final papers and I and Alynn has planned to be like so skema for this exam...We gonna study like really mad day and night...hahahaha...Semoga la...I have to plan for some sort of stuff to make sure that everything goes smoothly...

Plus,I haven't send my practical training offer letter to Aliza...Huhuhu,I bet she gonna cekik me later...Hukhukhukhukhuk,,,I'm going for my practical training next trimester and I'm not sure whether I can do it well or .....dead meat~~Takper,Nigel will be there to help me...The super goddess genius that got 100% for the Advanced Tax Midterm!!Hurmm...I wish I could have a brain like Joseph or YeeSeang or Shanti...Hehehe...But nevermind la, wanita genius seluruh alam like me and Alynn can always do better in what ever situation that comes....Hikkssss~~~


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