: : The Itchy Day : :

Huwaaa....It was a really2 itchy day and I feel like I want to drown my self in the sea...For a last two months I'm in the state of itchy like hell...I just don't know what have gone wrong with me or with my blood and as far as I'm concern, I don'y have any allergies to foods, seafoods, medicine but dust and animal's fur...But I am so sure that I got no cat in my room and I am very sure that my room is clean - I clean it everyday what~~

At 4 o'clock in the morning, I went to Pusat Rawatan Islam Puchong for my emergency treatment...I just can't stand it any longer for that stupid itchy and I was started to cry and pleaseee help meeeeeeeee....Hikhikhikhik...Amy and Lin had brought me there and Amy was really2 like the ambulance driver...."Selekoh Maut" yer Amy?Amy nak kerja part time bawak ambulance eh?Hehehehe

I got my two injections, one for allergies and one for God knows what....I got the medicine; pills + cream + lotion and I have to come back on 1 April 2005....All in all, RM110 ONLY...Huhuhuhu,lucky me when Amy & Lin ada extra money jugak...I just got RM40 with me...I'm not going to sleep there either...Hukhukhukhuk...So, RM40 from Amy & RM31 from Lin, RM40 from me and that makes RM110 for the hospital bill...Yeah,it was pretty expensive but what??I got no other choice to find a clinic that still open at 4 am in the morning...

And well, that 2 injections really made me feel like a drug addict...Talking all crap things and I slept from 6 am to 6 pm straight...Hikhikhikhikhik...For Amy & Lin, thank you so much and much and much and I just don't know what to say,,,I am just speechlesssss....Thanks for Fairuz coz you let me borrowed you Satria that nite...Thanks people and thanks...To Wan, don't worry, I'm not mad at you or even terase secebis zarah pon la...I know you were busy completing you assignments...Take a deep breath okey and please defined your mood back...Hehehehe....


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