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What a tiring day...It's hot here!!!Why am I here at Cyberjaya in a first place??Errhhgghh,once in a lifetime I feel regret for being here...But hurmm,I should not regret it now, I should regret it 3½ years ago...My Alpha time..Huhuhuhu~~~Making myself bz with printing stuff --> notes, articles, journal and bla bla bla...A very special journals to Mr Adam & he gonna impress with our wonderful thick assignments...As Nigel said during our TAX I, "The Thicker The Better"....

Mama,anakmu ini teringin benar nak tengok THE SOUND OF MUSIC~~~But too bad,she doesn't have that so much money to buy the ticket...I don't want the RM60 ticket which makes me sit very far behind...Huhuhu...I need the RM250 or at least RM200 seating please...Lynn,lets beg to our mommyyyy!!!Or find someone that reeeaaallllyyyy kind and generous to belanja us the tickets...Dahler semua manusia sebok nak pi Simple Plan Concert...Hukhukhuk...Encik Kown -- Wink**Wink**Wink** (I'm making a very pity face rite now)...Takmo belanje me ker? Hiksss....

To AlynnDillot, we still have two more weeks to put our maximum efforts...To speed to your very first class destination...Huaarrggghhhh!!!Ya Allah, please help and guide me to my very own & true destiny...I just can't figure out what I really want to be...Not knowing the reasons of me walking on this earth...Uhhh,I'm blank...---STUDY LA WOIII!!!---


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