Especially For Hazrina With Love

: : If I Could... : :

If I could heal your heart I would
If I could heal your pain I would
If I could see you smile again
If only I could help you I would
If only I could show you the good in the world
Take your hand and your difficult path I would
If only.. if only
I could see you smile see you happy.. wipe your tears
If only I could.... I would
If I could erase what hurt you the most
If I could restart where everything went wrong i would

But I cant
I cant help you forget
I cant take that pain away
But I can be here for you
I can try to make you smile
I can take your hand and guide you through your path
But the decisions are yours
the pain may suck
But that's yours too
You'll never forget either
No one really forgets those who have taken a piece of the heart
Instead of forgetting them
Thank them
Because this will make you stronger
This is just a stepping stone you need to get over
This is your life!


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