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Isk isk isk...It takes me days to update my blog...Bz with studying...Huak huak huak...Really ah? What am I going to write on my answer sheets tomorrow?? Less prepared, eating - sleeping - tv...Adeih laa...Counting days till my birthday next week which I have my last paper too on the same day -- Advanced Management Accounting!!!!! How on earth am I going to study on the night of my birthday...It doesn't make sense to me...Huhuhuhu...Hampeh punyo MMU...Even worst when the paper is A.M.A which I have no choice for not to study; I have to hhuhuhu...It seems that Sydrom Terjun Lombong dah nak datang nih...Dillot, could u just pray for me if I TERterjun lombong nanti? Hiksss...Tabur bunge sket yer...


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