Special Edition - Direct From Broadway

: : The Sound Of Music : :

Heheheh...Dillot!! Dapatkah kamu melihat booklet apakah itu?? Itu ialah booklet broadway - The Sound Of Music...What does it mean anyway huh? Nak dapat kena pegik tengok dulu la kan? Kalau dah dapat maknanya dah tengok la kan? Huaarrgghhhh....I have a very good feeling that Dillot wants to cekik me now...Tau tak Dillot, we should just go and see that Sound of Music from the moment we want to larr..There was so many empty space and yet ppl started to move in front during the break...So if you paid for RM60 ticket pon, later you can changed your sit...Adeih la...And I did that...Plus, got Dr Mahathir and all his anak beranak cucu cicit piut and so on there...What a lucky me!! Hehehehe...I got the DVD; just bought it recently...Wanna watch it? (",)


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