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Hehehe...My so apprentice camp! I guess it was supposed to be so fun & enjoyable program, but we end up to make our own stupid fun over there...Huhuhuhu...Anyway, I enjoyed it as much as I can...Hehehehe...Session with Tuan Haji Hushim was the one that I like most! With the gays thingy, hehehehhehe....Teruknya minda gue! TongueI'm getting even more confuse, rasa nak end up to be stay-at-home-mom...Tapi nanti my CPA cert. nak buat ape? Riadah sessions; sungguh meng-stress-kan minda...Fifa and me, were so chosen to act as a model for stretching activities....(ada muke athlete ker?) ShadesNgeeee...Hurm, what else ya? Owh, luckily got to know that I can claim for my practical training allowances, but then, they can't guarantee me that I can get the full amount; since I already done with it...Aiyak! Yet, manage to add in new frens in my YM list, yourself plisss.....The bibliophile person and Amy said, "abes, dia dah jumpe orang seangkatan dengannya..." Wink Hihihihi, by coincidence pun...One thing that I surely learnt, "Dont judge a book by its cover" Betul tak Kane&Abel?? Met the O.C yang patah kaki; that cause him to be there in the camp with us the juniors...Hihihihi...Wink


Haih la, things getting out of control...My brain, mind, head, body, soul and everything doesn't seem to move together in a same flow...Like one goes up, the other goes down, left right, on top of each other dan tah apa2 jer la lagik....I can't think wisely..MY BRAIN GET SMART, BUT MY HEAD GET DUMB..Assignments + Midterm + Quizzes + MICPA thingy + Presentation + ???...I'm lost!

As I said they've mostly been work. I've worked every day 24/7 this week and I guess it just takes time. But I'm terrible when things don't go right. I guess you could say I'm a perfectionist. I hate people to see me doing under average. I have to be best. Ugh I know I sound so....sad but I'm just being honest.

Again, anyone out there with Tuesdays with Morrie, though I'm looking for The 5 people You Meet In Heaven at the first place...Sighhh...Nak final still nak bace novel, sure Dillot rase nak cekik me now! Ampun, kuase genius gue dah nak hilang, almost at the bottom dah!


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