Angles fly in the air...

Part of lyrics from Adam AF2 2nd single... (I got it from X-Fresh..) and I loikesss... Tongue

Di manakah pemandangan terindah di dunia?
Puas ku cari setelah jauh melangkah
Hingga takdir menyuluh ke arah mu
Ku temu pemandangan itu terlakar di wajahmu

Dengan setiap renungan
Terpesona ku rasakan
Dengan setiap belaianmu hati makin tersentuh

Oh kasih, oh kasih
Ku berterima kasih
Padamu kerana menyempurnai hidupku

I have to study - study - study.... (the laziness is killing me now!)....Finally, I'm done with all the assignments and now, I'm planning for my final examination...Hurmmm, where and what should I start first? The one with readings (definitely about memorizing every single word in the text book) or the one with calculations (Corporate Accounting II?? Driven me insane then...!),,,,,Owh, I received SMS from Dillot which sounds like this, "Lelaki dalam dunie nih memang semua tak gune!! Nak emo bulih?" ..... For some particular reasons, memang tak bergune langsong, but sometimes, they're the one who listen closely to your heart....(tho u membebel for non stop!) =p Well, I have no idea about what makes she so emotionally unstable for today...Chill laa~~


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