"Good Night.Sleep Tight" no more~~

I'm still awake at this hour - pressing calculator, working on my stupid consolidated financial statements (exercises!), jotting here and there , constructing my "colorfool" notes (which I'm the only one on earth to understand it..hihi) and browsing the net as well (searching for career opportunities in ??..Wheeee...) Owh, besides, keep replying email with Yang Atika Habali (hehehe, genies from KPMG Wink ) on every 15 minutes... (Well, definitely discussing about some important matters in my life, hehehehe....) Now I wonder why we didn't chat through the YM instead of sending-replying email back and forth, hihihihi (email Yahoo! jerr...)

My new schedule has left me with SO MUCH free time and I've lost count on every important things that I should do everyday (brain gue dah semakin slowww~~) So, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do other than try to use my powers of mental to get this Module D on track! (Bikin gue gilak saja!) Tho my class is ONLY on Tuesday (which supposed to make me feel so goyang kaki till I grad) but it's not..I've devoted mylife for Module D - Advanced Financial Reporting! (It saks anyway~~) 3 months left for me to work out on my own (compressing my 4 years studies into 3 months syllabus) and now, I am left completely devoid of a true day off (Hihihi, macam dah kerja jer Shades ) Making my sleep highly inconsistent (and if do pun, I'll be having nightmare then!)

Heh, not till I started on my sketching (tenang skalik gue rase, tho someone might eventually says my orang looks like orang utan!) I don't mind anyway, it's my sketch (way I threw off something that pains me) But you know what? This new sketchbook is total crap, rubbish giler! The paper is extremely prone to smearing, was not holding any of my line and that my shading was becoming lost to smudges and quickly fading onto the back of previous page as soon as I close the cover! (Mungkin gue patut lukih di dinding hostel MMU nih saje...)

Owh, and you know what? I think my brain is not functioning at its normal state and condition. I seriously feel like I'm the only person on this planet who's happy right now and I can't even begin to feel guilty because of it. Nothing new is going on, nothing spectacular, I've just been smiling a lot more than I have in a long time and doing quite a lot of laughing like an idiot over nothing. I'd say I'm in love, except that I'm not. But damn, if I haven't been inspired (cacats seketike di pukol 5.36 pagi) Tongue


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