My brain get stuck

I'm back to not being able to sleep and I have a feeling that my body is trying to send me a message, and my mind is desperately trying to ignore : that I need to go back to living on a normal schedule like a normal human being. The kind of human being who works during the days and sleeps while the stars are out.

What a lousy banging noise was that? Put myself to bed at 8.30 AM and like half and hour passed by, tibe-tibe Bang!!Bang!!Dum!!Dam!! (lagu Hindustan!) Ok, I know that MMU College Festival has just started, tapi pasang la lagu sedapppp sikit. (Gue dah la baru nak tido, terus mimpi hantu kong kong) Spent my whole night on studying (Hahahaha!!) and a mutual "conversation" with Professor-Sure-Or-Not.. (It was an open ended discussion and he came up with general solutions to me – which is not a must for me to follow, that was good!) I wonder if it was a face-to-face conversation or over the phone, he must be suffering from a severe hearing problem rite now…Hihihihi…We've been discussing about "How would you know that him/her is the rite one for you? The perfect one?" I mean before you could even work out on the relationship, you should have a wise decision that he/she is your most 99% perfect girl/guy. As for me, I'm not the kind of person that like "try and error" thingy with a hope that it could somehow turned into "turn and NO error" Tongue And it's hardly for me to keep rejecting people (or not even giving a single chance) in my whole life, for the matter of fact that, I'm too scared to know if I had chosen a wrong guy. What if I had already discarded him from my life or have been neglecting him for quite sometimes or purposely ignoring him? Aiyoh! Die loh!! I don't want to die aloneeee~~ What if no one will ever notice me again after this? Who will want an auditor with a crazy working hours? Tapi takper la, I figure that somewhere down the line, I'll find someone that I'll be willing to put up for the rest of my life...and won't mind pissing him off at times..Ngeh ngeh ngeh!!


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