My good old days

I've been sick this week. Miserably sick. My sleep schedule is completely backwards. And with the hectic schedule in hand, has suddenly remind me to all my good times in MRSM.

I miss my good old days, way back in MRSM Jasin…Just don't ask me why coz I don't have any reason for that…All of sudden a pop-up box appeared on my mind, displaying names; my classmates of course, my roommates, my gangster kampong dusun – Mami, Jaytee, Zil, Dot, Karen, Yati Nayan, Jonet, Intan, Echo, Diran, Dada, Muna, Huda, Aimi and the list goes on…The same old faces yang masuk Lembaga Disiplin, kena rembat ngan Ustaz Rasdi ngan Ustaz Sabri (ingat tak masa kena bersihkan rumah ustat, pastu kena masak ah, jaga anak dia ah, lipat baju ah and etc…), panjat pagar fly gi Mahkota Parade, cilok masuk dewan makan, ponteng Menadah Kitab, kadang2 ponteng tak gi surau gak (hehehe), orientation day kena bawak motor, aaaaaaaaaa too much to list down!

Turut enter frame dalam pop-up box are Idham, Eddie, Taksang, Reza, Toot, Aajin, Qayyum, Dano, Makju, Jenol, King, Emmat, Apeq, Hakim, Acab, Paloh, Tikus dan lain2, and again, don't ask me why coz I just don't know why…Ingat tak Ustazah Rozi yang suke la kutip slipar2 kita, pastu suh baya seploh hinggit kalau nak amik balik, non sense gilak! I miss the hostel, dewan bendahara, blok akademik, padang, basketball court (JT keja dia gaduh rebut court ngan guys! =P ) , nasik lemak, goreng pisang, daily journal, DS, swimming poollll!!!, library (erk?) dan mungkin juge surau, hihihihi~~

I'll leave that at that for now. There are too many things to think about. Instead, I'll focus on the memories of Jasin. Those that will stay with me forever. Memories are funny things, aren't they? Realized that I really, really need a scanner. (Scanner lama gue dah lingkop and I just managed to scan these 2 pics only…The rest is yet to come…Wheee~~~) Not one of those ridiculous three-in-one combos, just a flatbed scanner with no mass copying or faxing capabilities. Here's are those pics of those days, and a lot more are yet to come!! Tongue


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