Guitar learning session

Wheee...spent my whole nite on "krung krang krung krang" with the guitar....and it was completely annoying! Hehehehe....But hey, I guess it was OK, pretty good for me anyway...Without a proper guidance and not even a single piece of knowledge about it; fret, chords, thumb and fingers position, strumming and all those stuff, I know that I'm progressing well...(hihihihih, self praise is no praise.... =P ) Owh, thanks to Naz for the basic instructions and I'll keep that piece of paper as a proof of my first step guitar learning! Hehehehe....and somehow, tangan yang gatal ini telah mencuba meng-adjust bunyi sehingga bunyi gitar menjadik bunyi tong dram yang sungguh tak sedap! (ya ampun Dillot!) Well, Kown, you will surely proud of getting gefren yang sungguh rock ini.... (Tapi mahap la, lagu Fade to Black lu, gwe lom ade skill lagik!)


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