I wanna sleep some more!

I'm not studying and I don't feel like doing anything either...I had a very bad running nose for the last three days but still, able to drag myself to Starbucks (craving for my Iced Caramel Macchiato!) I'm supposed to study for the BDS quiz (on this coming Friday!) and again, it seems like I am not doing anything about it, yet....Not even to flip a single page of the book or the notes...I just feel like sleeping and that is what I've been doing since the end of my last MICPA class! But anyway, it won't last any longer coz I'll be having my nightmares back wit me, accompanying me in my sleep till 23rd MAY 2006....Aiyoh, don't know what came over me yesterday but it seems that it hasn't left me today either....And instead of studying for the quiz, I made these 3 junks; from scratch, piece by piece, for hours (which have nothing to do with my course...)


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