I can't wait for that! Yeaayyyy!!

Was a bit upset yesterday, but I guess it's gone now. Not nervous anymore and hopefully will not be...Coz I managed to make my own way to the second interview! (May 2, 2006) and I'm done with my MICPA assignment as well as the presentation stuff. Wheeee~~I can finally take a deep breath and have a big relief for that...But again, I haven't prepared anything for the test, tomorrow! and I guess I'll go and tembak everything (hopefully manage to make a good shot la, if not I yang mampuih) Tomorrow is my long awaited last MICPA class and I can't hardly wait for that! and I'm planning to bring along my digicam (so that I can take thousands of pictures with Joseph the Genius! and Yee Seang too! and definitely with the entire class juge...hihihih)

I thought a lot about him before I went to sleep. I had my thoughts sailing off to somewhere, some dreamland. Fell asleep really quick with a smile on my face...Carebear prepare to snore~~


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