...one of those days....

Some days just are that way, I mean when you are terribly sad mood and nothing helps. Well, a great hug would do the thing of course, but that's not the point. There are some days when you feel you cannot do anything well, you never succeed and everything you just think of, would fail on the moment you think of it.

Today is just one of those days. (I guess the fact that I went for an interview today and I didn't feel any good of it..) Well, I'm not in a position to say that I did it badly nor I went through it wonderful-ly! The only thing that I'm very sure of is she likes my handwriting! (tidy-neat-uniform-accurate space between ALPHABETS!) and my hobbies (as in painting-reading-outdoor activities; whitewater rafting) Owh, and my former audit firm that I went for an industrial training called me and made me the offer (but I've rejected it since I'm looking forward to be with any of the Big 4) which the confirmation is yet to be received... (If any!)

I don't want to do anything, but still I cannot stand just sitting (Saturday ada MICPA Audit test and I haven't prepared anything about it yet!) and wondering around (gilak lu! esement micpa menanti untuk di-settle-kan). I don't want to talk, but still I cannot sit alone. (So I went to Amy's and beronggeng cik kiah dengan para gedikz sekalian) It makes me wonder how men can stand women when they are in a mood as I'm right now? It must be hell. (Mahap yer Encik Fakhruddin, bear with me...)

Otak menjadik semakin "so sipot and selow" bile melihat kawan saye yang sorang tu skarang dah pandai speaking kelantan! Speaking berabok wa cakap luuu!

Dulu: "Nak keluaq"

Skarang: "Nok Tubik"

Dulu: "Tak mau"

Skarang: "Tok Sey"

Dulu: "Buat apa aih?"

Skarang: "Bakpo nyo?"

Dulu: "Habaq"

Skarang: "Kecek"

Dulu: "Noooo"

Skarang: "Deh!"

Dulu: "Lagu mana?"

Skarang: "Guano nih?"

And the list goes on and on.....Hehehehhehehehe.....


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