Shila, You're HIRED!

Wheeee!! I am so god damn happy today! A morning call that goes like,

Audit Firm: Good Morning, can I speak to Nur Yursila Bt Mat Rani...I Miss C calling from .....

Me: Good Morning, Shila speaking... (Sambil dalam hati berdebar tahap gaban!)

Audit Firm: Are you convinience to talk right now?

Me: Yeah, sure...Go ahead... (Rase seperti dia nak reject gwe dah nih!)

Audit Firm: Well, regarding your last two interviews, we would like to welcome you to join the firm. We would like to offer you a position in Business Advisory as AA 2 (I heard this, I swear, tapi takkan masok dah AA 2, cam tak logic, so I assume dia silap cakap jer...) with the starting salary of RM _ _ _ _ and bla bla bla... (Thereon I tak pedulik dah dia nak cakap coz I am damn happy for this!) Hehehehe

Now I feel flattered and flying in the sky. Would be so adorably good. But I'm sure, it will come, everything in it's time :) Today I simply can say, I'm in love with my dream, I'm in love with the feeling inside me :)

Well, Dillot, please prepare yourself to see me again now and forever....Memang kite nih cocok skalik ya! The only thing that I have in my mind rite now is about my 2 weeks vacation before I start working on 14 June 2006. (Workaholic abes gwe nih!) Planning for Melbourne and availability gwe hanya dari 28 May - 11 June and Suraya told me that Sabrina and Kak Nadiah is going on the 15th of June!! Nooo!! Just a few days, I gonna miss the moments with the cousins! Cam mane nih?


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