Glad you guys were there...

Life's been going pretty great...MMU 7th Convocation was freakin' awesome! I loved every moment of it and I know it's something that I'll never forget. And that reminded me of my uni's life so bad - Sirah Utara, HB3, Bilik TV, Library, XR and the list goes on (it gonna takes forever for me to list everything down here....) Those were times when I could stay up till late, be on YM! till 7.00am on the next day, blogging 24/7, movies, drinks or whatever that I feel like doing with the girls, regardless the time frame....Sighhh...

Anyway thanks to everyone for making my convocation so damn great! Family, the girls (glad that Amy & Anis came..), Yatie (thanks for coming all the way from KL), kuase2 genies, partner genies (Dillot, you're the best partner ayam-goreng-rasa-diesel-and-pepsi-rasa-petrol ! ), classmates and my absolutely Kown!

: : From - Mama & Abah : :

: : From - Amir & Adik : :

: : From - Encik Kown : :

: : From - Yatie : :

: : And from London with love...Hehehehe : :


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