Siti dan Siti lagi...

Siti ties a knot....Some people are very critical of Siti's choice to marry Datuk K. And they been questioning on so many things and one of it could possibly be, why she chose an elder divorcee over others, especially those young bachelors and doing well? To me, I think it balls down to fate, where Siti is meant for Datuk K. As easy as that.

One of my cousins who stays in Kelantan said, "Pokcik2, tok ime, tok siak, pak lebai sumo dok crito pasa CT kak surau...." (Huhu, does it sounds Kelantan, as supposed?)

Or a friend of mine in Japan told me that his heart has broken apart into pieces! (I guess it must be a really tiny little pieces and unglued!) "Aku takmo balek Mesia lagik, Siti dah pecahkan hati aku..." Daaaaa??? Even if she's not marrying Datok K, I am very sure that she will not be choosing you among other big shots or son of big shots! Hehehehe.....

And those auditors in EY, "Takde makna aku kerja kumpul duit juta2, Siti dah kawen ngan Datok K..." Heh, I don't even know that you're making so much money! (EY must be paying you a good amount of Ringgit Malaysia then...)

And because a negative critiques that I made to Siti, I was slammed by him last night - well, knowing that he's one of the man craving for Siti out there (tho they know that the chances are 0.00000000000000000001 over 100%, if any!). I didn't mean to, but anyhow I've said it and like the Malay proverbs, "Terlajak perahu boleh di-reverse-kan, terlajak mengata kat Siti, kena slammed ngan Mat Kown"....Hehehhe

Me: Ala Datok K tu, doploh tahun bleh dok ngan bini dia, dapat Siti teruih kata cinta sejati...rahmat tuhan abes....

Kown: Aah, sama macam orang tu, dok couple kat 5 tahun, tup tup dia kata, takdak perasaan la, tak sefahaman la, apa la.... (dan membebel for non stop, just to remind me how dare that I broke up with him for 3 months with the same reasons given by Datok K to Tengku Zawiyah...Dem jer....)

But anyway, congrats Siti for whatever choice that you've made and I guess, you must have a good valid reasons for that...I'm not a big fan of yours but I believe everyone should have a fair chance in life to do great things (and there is always certain person who just cannot accept siti's success story for their own personal reason too....).


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