carpark & hangar

Huuuu, I'm so stuck in the midst of interim testing of the largest airline operator in Malaysia…Heheh, I've sounded as if so many airline operator in Malaysia! (The word largest stress it all, so name it yourself…) Anyway, I'm happy to see my name on the list and in the same time, feel honored to be given this opportunity. For the sake of my career development and job performance review as well as MICPA Module E, I would definitely take this as a good start point, regardless the hectic working condition…A need before I could actually jump high over the skies….(Euuww, so like aiming for the partner sit!)

Those days when we parked our car, it will only be next to other cars, or four wheel drive or at most a lorry or a truck! But now, we are parking our car in front of this big huge airplane! The only thing that separates the car park with the hangar is the fence. (I shall upload the pic later…Hiiiiii) Let me have my own sweet time before they dump me with the files - soooooonnnnn! Toodles~~


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