.....manual car illiterate

Remember when I told you that I have difficulties in making up my mind on which car that I should choose? Well, the good news of it is my car loan has been approved! Yeayyy!! I've made it through and will be having my own first car, on my own name with my own first three salaries that I've received... (booking fees & downpayment from my own savings, heh now I know where my $$$ goes to….) I did come to a point where I was so in between of car & COACH!

I wonder what my parents gonna do to me if I were to buy that COACH hobo bag….That was when I need to make a really wise decision ever in my life, I mean when it comes to a huge amount of money which you've been keeping for all this while, money that you earned and money that you deserve because of the hardworks before….Huhuhu, thinking that I need the car more over the "stupid" hobo bag per say, I have to forgo it tho I've been dreaming to buy it with my first three salaries since forever…. (orrrrrr should I blink blink to Him so that the bag could be part of my hantaran? Kihkihkihkihkih….)

Auditor has always think of $$$ and ways to gain benefits from every different sources….Ngeeeee~~Coming back to the car thing, when there's good side of something there should always be the darkside of it as well. And the sad story of all, after knowing that my car loan has been approved is the car that I requested for have been stopped from production! and no stocks in the market at all~~~ Owh, and it's Kelisa Special Edition which has sporty looks among other Kelisa…Huhuhuhu~~ Sedih sudah ini….Now I have to think for other Perodua's car to replace that Kelisa Special Edition…Sniff sniff snifff~~~


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